Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Opening and Awards for our Juried Exhibit : Rock

Christy and Jamie present the Larry Price Award
The opening on October 2nd for our juried exhibition Rock was very well attended. Thanks to the contingent from the Kingston Photographic Club for making the trip down ... much appreciated. Also in attendance were special guests Christy Price and Jamie Girouard. Christy and Jamie are daughters of the late Larry Price and presented the Larry Price Award to Elaine Lamond. Thanks to Sies Visser and the exhibition committee for all their hard work.

Below is a list of all the awards. Well done to Pete and Jan Medcalf who captured the top spots in both Black & White and Colour.

1st - Jan Medcalf's "Marbled Rock"
2nd - Pete Medcalf's "Rock Jam"
3rd - Rick Dunphy's "Coastal Rocks"

1st - Pete Medcalf's "Moss Rock"
2nd - Jan Medcalf's "Rockway to Heaven"
3rd - Dan Garswood's "Grunge"

Elaine Lamond's "Portrait in Casa Loma"

Jane Topping's "Up Close and Far Away"
Sies Visser's "Faith in Ruins"
Sies Visser's "Thomas Willson Carbide Ruins"
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