Thursday, January 10, 2013

Library Hanging

We received the following report on the hanging at the Brockville Public Library presented here with minor edits as to dates. We always appreciate new content so if you're an EAPA member why not consider contrbuting to our blog?  Equipment reviews, photography tips, personal achievements, activities with other community groups, reports on club outings and events, etc. ..... send it to B. Lamond.

Doing our level best
   Every Angle Photography Association club members take great pride and precision in hanging not only theirs, but other club members photographs for an exhibit at the Brockville Public Library. It seems that hanging a picture is just not as simple as it sounds. These members took the task very seriously and made it look like there is an exact science behind the hanging of each individual photograph. In the end, the images where spaced proportionately apart, and looked as though a laser level had been used. A beautiful job, to say the least.

Getting there
The library exhibit corresponds with an ongoing exhibit at the Brockville Country Club which is back after the Christmas hiatus. Images depicting a variety of subjects, which include portraiture, abstracts, nature and urban decay are only some of the many genres on display at both venues.

Currently both shows are in progress. The library exhibit will run until the end of January, and the country club images will be changed in the spring.

So make sure to tell your family and friends to
Looking good
get down for a look and don’t forget to go yourself.

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