Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogs, Facebook and Gender

Came across this post  on We have no idea if more females use FB and more males use blogs but we're not taking a chance. It's belt and suspenders around here .... as well as the requisite tin foil hat of course. So as you may know we've plunged deeper into the morass of social media and now have our very own Facebook page. If you're on FB visit our page and "like" us if so inclined. You'll find a feed of our last ten blog posts under the 'Notes' 'Blog' tab on the FB page. You can subscribe to a news feed of our Notes 'Folllow' our blog or subscribe to a news feed directly from this blog if you like .... and really who wouldn't? Cutting edge EAPA news delivered with razor sharp prose and just a touch of whimsy. Doesn't get better than that kids.
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